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Comments Allow You to View Non-friend Facebook Photos

Another, Facebook privacy issues for How to Vew Private Facebook Profiles. This privacy loophole is something that most people probably know about, but maybe have not given much thought. I actually know a lot of people who are completely unaware of this. If one of your friend’s comments on a picture, you can view that picture whether or not you are actually friends with the user in question. So in essence you can view private facebook pictures without the person knowing it was you.

If you’re friends with someone you can view their mini feed updates and because of these you can see all of the comments that they post on other pictures, even if they delete it from their mini-feed. This is another facebook bug. All deleting something from your mini feed does is hide it from you. It doesn’t actually delete it from showing to your friends.

Once you see that comment, you can view their facebook picture and see all of the comments posted on it.

This how it works, you may not be friends with some one, you may not be able to see the profile or their albums, but if one of your friends comments on the photograph you can secretively view their picture.

You can click and view every photo from this user in their photo gallery. These images are private pictures and not public ones. However, you can still view their public pictures with this trick.

When you try to click on view profile, it wont let you see it. So you can just stay on their private photo gallery and view all of the pictures that you want.

This is a major privacy loophole that is not detailed in the Facebook privacy settings.

The reason this works is because when you create a photo album in facebook it is defaulted as allowing everybody to view this pic, so even though there is not normally a link to that image, technically everybody is able to see it. But with the mini-feed update it actually creates a link for you to view this album that the person originally thought was private. Why would facebook make the default to pictures be public when everything else is private?

This setting is so misleading that it is not anything if not a major facebook security issue. The default setting for all other things excluding the photo albums is “Only Friends” (which only lets your facebook friends view it) and the photo album privacy setting is not displayed on the profile privacy page, but on a separate page.
Most users assume that if their profile is private, their profile photos are private, even though Facebook makes a distinction there in the way the privacy settings are broken down.

This creates a nice little way for you to view private facebook profiles. Remember though, if you don’t want people to view your private picture albums, make sure you set the album itself to private. Do not assume that it will default this way. Also, anything that shows up on the mini-feed will show to your friends. Even if you delete it off your mini feed, your friends will still be able to see it. So tweak your facebook settings or don’t do things you don’t want your friends to see.

Basically, you can see a picture comment from someone else. All you have to do is click on the picture and it takes you to that picture, as long as it is marked “public.” And it most likely is. Because that is facebooks misleading default.

If you want to read another non-hacking article on this site try, Seeing limited facebook profiles without being their friend. Also, feel free to comment with all your facebook related tips or any advice you have for this article to make it more informative.

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Kay at 15:41 on 4 June 2009

Recently I asked a friend to pay me back the money he owes me, but instead of responding back he deleted me off as his friend on FB, and set himself unsearchable on FB. He also blocked me from MSN and Yahoo. The only means I have left is his phone, but I fear he will change his phone number too if I call or text him for the money. Anyways, I just though about this “privacy” thing … sure it is protecting us from prying eyes, but it is also protecting those running away from debts. Aaargh!!

alaa at 04:33 on 31 December 2009

thanx you very much

mark gash at 12:09 on 13 April 2010

we have several websites and im seeing evidence of some problems ive noticed can i send screenshots so maybe you and the third partys etc can mak things as secure as possible. and fair.

s.m.c at 11:08 on 23 September 2010

well I think that setting your own privacy to ‘Friends’ or ‘Friends of Friends’ on ‘Posts by me’ would keep people from seeing your Wall and any comments on photos you might make. It doesn’t prevent people from seeing comments your friends make on your photos though.

imba at 07:04 on 13 January 2011

this is simply another good trick which is 100% effective right now.
But this is effective only when the profile you want to view his/her photo has a mutual friend to you

syddney elrod at 08:06 on 20 August 2011

ugg how do u hack someone back i s all i need to know

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