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Keep People From Seeing Your Incriminating Tagged Photos

A major security flaw lies in facebook. It’s not enough that if you post an album on your profile, hackers can view it and do what they will with it, but even if you’re not the one to post the private picture, half the world can still see it.

If someone posts private pictures of you, anyone can view them. All that has to happen is that someone tags you. You could be on vacation, not checking your emails or facebook and you come back and you realize that someone tagged you in a picture that should not be on facebook. In the mean time your family and friends and complete strangers (maybe even your boss or government) has seen these pictures. Maybe they downloaded them to their computer and who knows what else.

Now you have photos of you on the internet that maybe you’d rather not be public. How can you fix this problem?

It is quite important to get this resolved when tagged images and videos can have devastating effects. All a facebook user has to do is randomly tag you and everyone can instantly see the media that you don’t want them to see. What if your boss sees it? You could suffer personal embarrassment. You could be fired. Placed in jail. And plenty of other things.

Lets fix this:

Go to your privacy page for your profile and change the setting for the tagged photos of yourself.

facebook >> profile privacy >> Photos Tagged of You

Then you click on customize.

Select the “Only Me” option.

Then select “None of my Networks.”

You can make the photos tagged to certain users but as we like to emphasis, less is more with allowing people access to your personal information.

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