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How to View Friend Details of Private Facebook Users

Have you ever wanted to be able to view things about someone on facebook who wasn’t your friend? You can’t get access to their account but you want to be able to view all the information as though you were their friend? Well, you can and it’s very simple. As long as you can see their friends, this can easily be done. This is a great trick to see friend details without the victim ever knowing that you can.

Step 1
Search for the person you want to add in facebook and you should get a box like this informing you that you need to add the person in order to view their private profile

You must add a user in order to view their private profile

You must add a user in order to view their private profile

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Step 2

Click on view friends and you should get a link like this:[id]

The id number is an acutal number, which is used by facebook to keep track of individual users. Remember this number because it will be used for the rest of the profile hack.

Step 3
After the question mark and before the id number add the following “lt=[category]&” where [category] is a 2 or 3 digit number, corresponding to the type of information that you would like to receive about the person.

Here is an example of what the facebook link will look like:[category]&id=[id]

Replace the [category] with one of the following numbers:

1- Roomates
2- Coworkers
4- Group, club or teammate
8- University classmates
16- Summer/Abroad friends
32- Classmates
64- Travel buddies
128- Family members
256- Friends met through other friends
512- Friends on facebook
1024- Random friends
2048- Hookups
4096- Relationships

Therefore if you would like to see their hookups and their id is 69, you’d go to this link:

(Note: that is not a real link, only used for the sake of explanation)

As you can see, it is very easy to view friend details of a private user.

Stay tuned to learn more Facebook hacks. If you find any exploits on facebook let us know. The facebook id number seems to be the key to most of these exploits however there are others when facebook releases updates. Lots of times they introduce minor and major security flaws. The mini feed is a constant security problem that facebook has been having. This bug will be explained in more depth in the next article. Viewing friend details of private users is just one of the many hacks and exploits can be found on this site. Make sure you bookmark this page or use one of the links below to share it, because many more facebook security hacks will be released. In the meantime read this article view private profiles facebook 2009.

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sylvie hendrika at 05:17 on 11 May 2009

I’ve tried Step 1 to Step 3, but it doesn’t work. When I click Enter after I put in the ID and Category, it goes back to the Find Friends page. Pse help me asap. TQ.

John at 10:41 on 29 May 2009

It doesn’t work if you can’t see there limited profile to begin with (or you can’t see there friends).

It IS useful however, to figure out what relation a friend of there’s is.

rocko at 07:01 on 30 May 2009

dont work tried the entire thing

me at 02:42 on 6 June 2009

facebook people are clever, these hacks use to work when facebook was new. now they have beefed up they security. i think the best way to find out about the person is to add them as a friend!

manchesterhottie at 08:16 on 23 July 2009

can any1 hack in2 a account on facebook using their id number need find there username n what he has been up 2. emailme

jenn at 12:27 on 23 July 2009

i am trying to see someone’s profile but i cant find her in find a friends or click on her picture in my friends section. i cant even see her in his friends sections she writes all the time but i can not see her or click on her. could you tell me how to do this??

[...] these Facebook hacks have helped you at all make sure you leave a comment esspecially if you have some feed back to add [...]

Fumba kaba at 05:46 on 28 October 2009

just few days ago I opened an account in facebook. I have been trying to view friends photos,view album photos, but to no avail. kindly help me with the two.

sharan at 14:32 on 25 November 2009

can u hack password after they hav deactivated there account or access there profile

khaled at 01:31 on 26 November 2009

I’want to be friend with me to discace . and to meet you all day

RcARETR at 11:21 on 15 January 2010

umm just found out my boyfriend was cheating on me for three years need to get into his profile to see if he still is so i can move on please help me out i cant search him on facebook cause he blocked people from searching him how can i get ahold of his ID otherwise

chris harding at 17:42 on 4 February 2010

all i wanted to do was ad my email but then it aded it alright but i cant get back to my old account cause it put my email as my login can anyone help

kim at 12:07 on 7 February 2010

i am trying to see a private profile but i dont want to add this person has a friend please help me out

lea at 13:33 on 22 February 2010

My husband won’t accept me as a friend and I think he’s up to no good. We’ve been married for 2 years and have a baby girl. I’m worried but not afraid to face the truth. Please tell me how to get past his private profile settings

isabelledv at 14:28 on 4 April 2010

kindly send me this person’s (!/christopher.cinco?ref=ts) password please. Urgently needed. Much appreciated.

safin at 10:51 on 7 April 2010

please sum 1 heck “mahrosh salman” profile.

Todd at 03:50 on 19 April 2010

Need help accessing page. Time sensitive. Heading to divorce court this week and without some info I will be done for. Please help.

TT at 19:37 on 21 April 2010

Need to hack into someone’s profile, willing to pay $$

natasa at 10:27 on 28 June 2010

hi! i followed the procedure but nothing happened.. why?

Kdog at 07:07 on 29 June 2010

For husbands and boyfriends up to no good, get a keylogger on your computer so next time they log on to facebook on your computer it should save the password (and anything else they have typed) in a textfile…..or better yet cut them loose and move on life it too short and you deserve better!!

takrun at 10:33 on 5 August 2010

I want to someone profile who is not my friend so help here any one

Mohsen at 10:41 on 5 August 2010

i want to see someone private profile and i am not his friend list,,,plz help,,, i need it ,,,,

menza at 10:51 on 8 August 2010

i need someone to hack facebook profile, i need the email addreess.. please

g at 07:54 on 23 August 2010

Really need pAssword to user please help

BK201 at 22:54 on 30 August 2010

Actually this can be done while facebook was new, but now they have change their system of codes so this will not entirely work, we must find another way,.. Thats my opinion..

jason at 18:55 on 15 September 2010

I need to see my wifes wall but it is set to private.How can i do this

natalie at 13:55 on 14 October 2010

hey i need 2 hack onto someones facebook coz they did it to me i know they did plz email me

JakeHake at 11:24 on 26 November 2010

Okay just create an account as someone hot then become friends with them on and other sites and every other site they have then BAM! picsss but still talk to them

Farid Hamzah at 01:47 on 4 December 2010

i don’t understand this step!!! because when i try,its not show page that… please help me at my email-
thanks a lot!

shahnee at 05:29 on 5 December 2010

really need my bf password pls help

zak at 01:51 on 12 December 2010

i am from india i am 27yrs old male i am looking for face book girl friends or women pls mail me at

andreala at 09:33 on 13 December 2010

I would like to hack my friend account please very important for me If anyone kindly help me I shall be very greatfull hack this account need to know his password and please send me on

Rachael at 06:21 on 20 December 2010

i need someone to hack a facebook profile that has blocked me, then give me access to his account, willing to pay message me

justin black at 14:07 on 4 January 2011

i have my friend id number 7026128
and email please help me i cant pay 300 bucks email pleaze

Klara at 18:58 on 12 January 2011

Want to see profile

Moochie at 13:01 on 25 January 2011

plsz hack


and send me the password to (i think he’s cheating)

Patrick at 17:38 on 27 February 2011

i have my friend’s id number but no name how do i find their profile to add them as a friend?

amanda lea at 04:50 on 3 March 2011

want to see profile and messages

arash at 02:45 on 31 March 2011

hi… I enjoyed your site.. tnx so much…
I have a problem on fb hope you can help me… I can’t see one of my friend’s friend list. I think it is closed just for me for same reasons !!… how can I see the list… wall, photo ,info and notes are just in access…
I’ll be so happy if you help me…
thank U so much…

alex chen at 06:51 on 25 April 2011

can u help me hack this id urgent this is my wife id she is cheating me chat which other boy..

joey at 05:50 on 18 May 2011

help my boyfriend is seeing this girl and they are both “hiddeing” things and she has her wall hidden

steven at 21:10 on 19 May 2011

someone sent me a msg, i no its a fake profile, when i click to see profile its set on private, i cant see anything except that the user has on private settings. i need to know how i can get an email address or somthing of the sort. asap. very important. can you help me?

Raseek Makwana at 08:36 on 17 August 2011

nice collection

guru at 09:13 on 25 August 2011

plzzzz send me password of this dude…i need it urgently…

Zohad zahid at 18:09 on 25 August 2011

Zohad zahid

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