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View Private Users Profile Picture

So you get a friend request from someone and you want to see their picture on facebook, but their profile is private. Well facebook provides a tiny little thumbnail picture of them that you can view. In many cases this gives you no idea of who the person is. Especially if there are other people in the photo with them. Luckily, there is a way to get a larger image to see who the person really is.

Search for the person you would like to find or click on their name in the friend request. You should get something like this:
Found Kenny

See how small that is? Luckily it’s kenny from south park so we have no problem reconizing him. But pretend it’s John Smith in a party shot and you can barely see his face. Well, lets have a closer look:

Right click on the picture (apple-click if you have a mac) then click the option to open the link in a new tab or window.

The link should look like this:

And the page should have the thumbnail image:

Small version of kenny

Small version of kenny

Now change the highlighted s to the highlighted n shown in this picture:

And you should see a much larger version of the private profile’s profile picture:

Large version of Kenny

Large version of Kenny

If this has helped you in anyway or you have some input to provide, feel free to share your thoughts.

And now that you know how to view private users profile pictures, learn How To View Old Private Facebook Profile Pictures
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baybi k at 02:44 on 5 January 2010

how do you get on facebook if its blocked??

lucy brown at 14:19 on 21 January 2010

locked myself out

ht at 04:53 on 13 June 2010

I want to catch a liar// How can i see her privated prifile?

valoriefields at 12:21 on 29 June 2010

need profile

[...] more traditional hacks try: Viewing private users main profile image or Viewing old private facebook profile pictures or How to hack a facbook account or Steal someones [...]

kimgullion at 05:17 on 12 September 2010

finnd deleted profile pictures

Walt Halanick at 05:02 on 14 October 2010


jaffar at 05:07 on 19 December 2010

how i can see anyone profile if his privacy setting is like that.that no one can see his profile even he page is not open by searching his name…

phil at 16:35 on 31 January 2011


jilda at 12:18 on 15 February 2011

i think my husband is cheating on me im trying to find out how to access his profile can you show me how.thank you

Akki at 22:11 on 26 February 2011

uh the open link in a new tab thing is disabled.

Yupa at 09:35 on 4 March 2011

Facebook profiles

admin at 05:24 on 21 March 2011

If you do that, the picture will be blurry, because you will have a lower resolution version. This hack, gives you the higher resolution picture, so you can actually zoom in without it becoming too pixelated to see.

zdravko trajkoski at 15:59 on 21 March 2011

i blocked the account as soon as i knew i was hacked and now i cant get bacint my account

eme at 23:41 on 26 March 2011

I wanna see private albums. how to do it? pls help.. ty

phillippines at 02:33 on 27 March 2011

dude its still small…

Francis at 04:45 on 27 March 2011

But the links type is diferent now, how we can do to this type of links photos?

Polly at 21:34 on 27 March 2011

The link is shown differently now. There is no ‘s’.

david rodriguez at 13:22 on 19 April 2011

a little 5 year ols girl was killed,the guys exact mname come up on facebook and all I can see is a picture of a gun can you please help me see his profile his name is Luis Alberto Gonzalez Rincon

misha at 10:47 on 23 April 2011

i dont get it! dont want large picture, iwant to see my friends private profile and i dont know how to see it or message it or even poke it if i cant see his profile!!!

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