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See Limited Facebook Profile Without Adding as Friend

There are two methods to see a users limited facebook profile without being friends with them and both are very easy and straight forward to do. However, there is a draw back and that is that the facebook user will most likely know that it is you and they will be able to see your limited profile.

If you would like to be more secretive and can not afford the private user to know that it is you try How to View Private Facebook Profiles. Otherwise, here are these two methods to see the users limited profile.

Many people ask what is the easiest way to view a private facebook account or how to get around private facebook profiles. Well, these are probably the easiest ways to view a private face book account, although maybe not the best.

First Method
You can send the user a simple message to their inbox. To do this you go to their profile page and it will immediately tell you through a pop up that in order to view a private users profile on facebook you must add them as a friend and it will give you other options as well. Click on message users and send them a small message such as “hi.” Facebook will inform the person that your account can now see their limited profile and that they will also be able to see your limited profile.

Second Method
This may be the better of the two methods to see a facebook users profile. All you do is poke them. This does everything that sending them a message does except it has the slight advantage that most users have no clue what poking actually does, so they may not know that you can see their limited profile. But they will still know that you are thinking about them or that you know they have a facebook profile.

This is just an easy way to see limited facebook profiles. If you don’t mind the user knowing who you are, then these are great methods, but for most purposes if you don’t want a user to know that you are spying on them, it’s not the best method. Use other means, located on this site to be more secretive.

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Kana at 00:41 on 29 April 2009

Sucks that some people don’t allow limited profiles.

How I Lost Thirty Pounds in Thirty Days at 16:34 on 3 May 2009

Hi, good post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for posting. I will certainly be subscribing to your site.

Walter Hajost at 06:35 on 13 May 2009

Liked the article how to keep your Facebook from showing up in search engines ! There is no reason when someone Google’s you name, your profile comes up and so do all your friends too ! Walter H

Therese at 02:55 on 12 June 2009

i sent a msg to someone, using an alias, and they msged back, but i still couldn’t see any more of their profile than i could before…

zach at 17:20 on 19 June 2009

How the hell do you acually poke someone?

black sheep at 07:08 on 5 July 2009

there are facebook groups saying that we will have the feature of ‘who viewed your profile’ after you joined the group and invite 50 friends to join. could it be real?

admin at 15:13 on 31 July 2009

I doubt that they work. sounds like a scam. there are many facebook hack scams.

admin at 15:14 on 31 July 2009

Go to their profile and under there picture it should say “poke user.” Or when you search for them.

ahsan at 06:21 on 31 August 2009

there z no option 4 POKE there……

Jeni at 13:00 on 3 September 2009

I can’t view a friends whole profile as even their name doesn’t come up. How can I even do that?

Rebecca at 12:00 on 16 September 2009

Is their a way I can see a person’s profile by viewing without poke or sending a message?

veg at 09:25 on 23 September 2009

and whats about very private profiles????
the dont allow to message, poke, add as friend nothing…
just want to officiali ad as friend…

joe blow at 23:08 on 2 November 2009

this is all very very creepy.

unconvinced at 00:15 on 7 November 2009

THIS DONT WORK AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mari at 23:11 on 11 November 2009

i want 2 know how 2 acces a person no appears in serach . present other friend account , bt im not able 2 accces that person , becoz when i click that name thats in active….plz help me

hello at 02:32 on 12 November 2009

the poke doesn’t work with private profiles

Jaden at 20:56 on 17 November 2009

i can’t log on to my account because when i was editing my account emails and i don’t know what happened but i can’t log on now……. and i was wondering if i could use this to view my email even though i made sure that no one could see it

Janet at 17:57 on 31 December 2009

needs to be updated for the new changes in beginning of December 2009

janet at 08:06 on 28 January 2010

if i try to hack someone’s account as a joke, can they later track me and find out it was me?

jonny at 07:24 on 12 February 2010

were is the poke ? and does it wrk if u send a msg and get 1 back can u c their prv wall plzzzz sum1 tell me

christina at 17:06 on 18 February 2010

i want to see last activities of someone but he blocked there any way?no fake profiles

[...] use the hack to get access to their limited profile (click the link to find out how to do this). Once you have access to the limited profile, you will [...]

[...] profile? How do we go about solving this? Well, here’s what you do. Follow the steps to see a facebook users limited private profile. From there you simply go to the info tab again and the information for contacting that facebook [...]

parlav at 00:11 on 17 April 2010

This isn’t working nor it will ever work coz there are profiles who make everything private so you can’t see anything. In such cases even the profile is not shown and you are left with only three options. To add as a friend, Block or report user and send a message.
Yes I did send a msg but it didn’t work.
Any other way to see such private profile?
Thanks a lot.

Awais Ali at 10:01 on 21 April 2010

if some one dnt have POKE option and they dnt too have limited account….?????

Jennifer at 23:40 on 24 April 2010

This is not a scam, this ONLY worked with the old facebook, you can NO longer view users that set everything private by mailing them or poking them!!

june dawson at 05:20 on 1 June 2010


Devilcode at 00:58 on 23 June 2010

Hey people just take a look.. you have ur mind just use it.. if hacking is easy like eating a piece of cake then everybody in this world learn it and use it for there own use. There is no such kind of website or blog who teach u hacking.

[...] Now you have access to their limited profile without adding them as a friend. [...]

AMAR at 19:55 on 4 July 2010


[...] people are not willing to try. And we don’t blame them. So how do you view somebody’s limited profile? One way is that you can email them a message (message them on facebook) and then as soon as they [...]

Andy at 14:55 on 22 July 2010

Uh, you can not be completely terrifying.

sultan at 04:41 on 3 August 2010

hi,,someone hacked my page ,,i want it back ,,plz admin help me

Eric at 21:50 on 21 August 2010

You can also get a new gf X’D

yah dude at 04:13 on 8 October 2010

ok.. “send” a message, or “poke”.. but what if you’re a stalker?? and dun wanna let that person know that you’re sending her a message/poking her.. please tell me,, im a secret stalker of someone help!!!!!!

jennytrochanowska at 18:15 on 28 November 2010

look your pic’s

lucy at 09:21 on 3 December 2010

hey I need some help here someone is spying on me I dont know how he manag eto see may private facebook account but he can see it I tried removing my application the pages that I like and removing some friends that I do not know personally but he stills see my account.Is there other way that he can see my account…

kennedy at 19:38 on 19 December 2010

Yeahh hi um well i kind of found someone famous and i want to see thier facebook i poked them and sent them a message they poked me back :) and i only get to see when the person changes a profile picture :P anything else i could do to see more?

Demonio at 09:33 on 30 December 2010

hi, I want to contact a facebook user with a private profile but I do not see a send message button or a poke me button any were in the profile. All the user has is “xxxxx onle shares some Profile information with everyone”

Can someone help me to make contact with this person. All I have is the user ID


c at 16:33 on 7 January 2011

to lucy… yeah its called removing you face book and start another under an alis

FBHacks at 04:14 on 27 January 2011

You can download facebook Hack Software Now. It’s totally free for you..

George at 22:59 on 28 January 2011

All of this has been patched. You can’t poke without being friends, you can’t message without being friends.

brian at 10:44 on 22 February 2011

hey guys
plz help me out
there is a girl on facebook and i m in love with her
i serached her on facebook,i got her,but cant send her friend request because ADD AS FRIEND tab is not there
plz help me

dj at 21:58 on 27 February 2011

Are they able to see your limited profile if you poke them?

em at 05:36 on 22 March 2011

i poked and nothing happened!

Goodie Jee at 06:03 on 1 April 2011

I poke her n send her a mesage but i still cant see his profile

britany at 15:07 on 25 April 2011

i cant see her email and i need it but shes private how do i find it

NoToRiOuS at 09:54 on 2 May 2011

This is all bullshit there isn’t anyway to hack facebook password.
Facebook is the largest network website around the world, all people over the world are on the Facebook so how we cheat Facebook? i dont believe any of that ways. but i have other ways and it called Cheat ways. i have hacked many MSN passwords by that ways. and if i think about Facebook i’ll hack facebooks too. but i still telling that there isn’t any program to hack Facebook passwords, there is only Cheat ways that if u cheat some of ur friends.
and the best way of Cheating ways is : invite him/her to a party, give them many Beer and Whiskey after they been crazy then tell them (Someone is trying to hack your password, give me your password and i will change your password then they cant hack it, after all i will give it to u back… ) thats the best way to hack passwords. Thanks everybody :D

hishamerimban at 08:10 on 23 August 2011
johnny ray garza at 03:39 on 25 August 2011

i khave his e-mail address and were friend so now wat do i do

name1 at 14:16 on 29 August 2011

notorious u suck, msn password hacking is like boxing with kindergarden kids, facebook sucks either, thatswhy its good u belog to that, that this stuff not work (anymore) is because facebook already cleaned this two “bugs”, there are many ways to hack facebook so u can see private profiles and even too hack passwords

X at 15:13 on 3 September 2011

Notorious plzzzzzzzzzzz telll me hw to hack msn plz

shirley ho tabin at 07:33 on 4 September 2011

please let me know the password of this email address

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