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Search for a user on facebook without registering

When you go to facebook it, it appears like you can’t seach. Facebook wants you to log in or register. Well what if you don’t want to regerister? Are you out of luck? How to view private facebook profiles says absolutely not. Simply go to this link and you can search for anybody that you want.

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Paul at 15:22 on 15 October 2009

Knew your advice wouldn’t work, but tried it anyway.

My search results came back with the name, the profile picture, and a list of friends for that profile. No other info. Your claim that you can view private profiles is wrong.

34tyey at 02:35 on 24 January 2010

you cannot contact the person either

ck at 02:47 on 7 July 2010

No shit you can’t contact anyone. That’s like emailing someone without an email address. But the link works. You can search peoples accounts

Me at 08:15 on 29 July 2010

Sigh. I want to search peoples profiles on facebook just to see if they are on facebook without having to sign up. I got a link to how to do it once ut i cant seem to find it again

Kathy Jacobs at 21:37 on 23 January 2011


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