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How to Unblock Facebook

Are you having trouble getting into facebook at school, work or the library. This article explains in depth how to unblock facebook on many different security platforms. There are many reasons why someone would block facebook and there are many reasons why someone would want to get around these settings.

When you trying to access facebook, you go to the site and for some reason it might say “Address Not Found. Firefox can’t find the server.” or something similar. This usually means that your network has blocked facebook. This article will teach you how to unblock it and be able to use facebook at school and other places.

Why do libraries or businesses block sites like Facebook?
Managers feel that surfing social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook in the office makes employees far less productive. Schools may block access to those sites for the same reasons, with teachers feeling that students may not be paying attention in class or that they are viewing non educational sites. Both schools and companies also want to protect their computers from viruses or spyware that can downloaded from sites.

How do you unblock Facebook?
There are many ways to access a blocked website and to get access to Facebook at your school or work.

The easiest is to use a free or paid proxy website
A web proxy server acts as middle-man between your computer and the facebook server (or any server that you are using the proxy for). You can pay for a proxy but that will cost $10 to $100 a month. Way to expensive when there are freely available proxy servers.


You can gain control of a remote computer that has access to the website.
The best ways to do this are ssh, telnet or a GUI remote access program. If you have a compter at home you can install Radmin 3 or other remote access software on it. You’ll also have to install it on the school or office computer. Most companies, schools and libraies wont let you install a program, so this is usually out of the question. But if you can, this is a great way to unblock facebook.

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You can use your cell phone’s internet to access the internet
This is called tethering and only works if your phone provider allows you to tether your cell phone. Many cell phone providers offer a data plan for your service plan. It is no longer that expense to get an unlimited data plan. Then you can use your phone’s modem to access to the internet. If you have a data plan you can just access facebook from your phone, but many times you want to use it on a bigger monitor. That’s where tethering comes in.

How do you tether your phone?
You can search for an article on google, but here is the basically lowdown for it:
First you install the modem. Go to the manufacturers website and find out how to install it for that specific phone. Then you activate the modem. You can find the information in the user manual. Connect the phone to the computer with a usb cord. It should then say “hardware found.” Locate the drivers and you’re all set.

Now go to the network interface in the control panel and click “set up a connection or network.” Choose dial up. Then set it up, which takes two seconds. Now facebook should be unblocked. You should be able to access the site like normal.

So if you asked how do i unblock a profile on facebook? I hope this article has explained the issue and solution. If not feel free to leave comments.

If you know any other ways to unlock facebook, feel free to leave a comment.

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Debbie Nickle at 18:36 on 15 September 2009

I was away for 9 months,now I lost my facebook,and not sure of my password please help

random guy at 15:54 on 17 November 2009

there’s actually a MUCH easier way. It’s so simple I couldn’t believe it when I tried. Just type in an “s” (for secure) after the “t” in http. Facebook chat doesn’t work with it, but it’s still pretty cool. You have to keep inserting an “s” every time you want to go to a new page, so it can get pretty annoying. It works at my school.

haider at 02:27 on 10 January 2010

4 days ago , icant inter to farmville on (facebook) because its block and cant to opening this page . just ineed a help how can to open this page .

Jeremiah Jake at 06:21 on 18 January 2010

sir/ma`am pls help my account to add friends, my account block i dont know why, i just deleted my friends because i dont know who they are, i cant add now from the past 3 days na, im very sad. please help me, tnx for the considiration..

Ahmed at 15:38 on 26 February 2010

facebook has blocked my account of this mail
is there any way to get this account back

trace cunningham at 02:54 on 14 May 2010

Can u please tell how to unblock fecabook please

jazzmin at 03:29 on 11 June 2010

i cant open my fb account please help me to reopen it thanks help me get it back

sadaf at 08:22 on 19 June 2010

mi facebook has blocked mi account of this mail is ther any way 2 get dis account back.wen evr i type mi id its says 2 resert mi passward4m mi personal pc. bt wen i do it 4m cybre i dont access ny problm.. plz help

abdo at 18:25 on 11 July 2010

i want to unblock my facebook account please help me ! thx!

yolanda perez at 13:57 on 18 July 2010

I think my bf is cheating on me with my friend her page is blocked how can I unblock her page!

ellie at 21:10 on 26 July 2010

i cannot open facebook at my office.. i tried to use free proxy such as turbohidel, but still fail.. pls help..

pratt cyril at 19:00 on 27 July 2010

i want to unblock my facebook image profile..pls help me..thanks

hopping at 10:03 on 29 July 2010

you can contact at for further help

anthony downings at 21:43 on 1 August 2010

please reactivate my facebook account i know i did not stick to the conditions but i will never do it again so please reactivate my old account

anthony downings at 21:46 on 1 August 2010

i want to unblock my old facebook account please could you help me thanks

Kigzster Rastafari at 21:51 on 1 August 2010

i cannot add any friends?? what did i do wrong?? is it bad to add friends?? by the way im not annoying any people by just adding them up?? so kindly please unblock my account from adding friends… thx in advance

Uzenvic at 17:54 on 2 August 2010

Well,itz all abt ma fbook accnt,pls if u gat an idea on hw 2 reopen it,pls help me out. Pls use ma email id. 1 love.

costa at 03:51 on 5 August 2010

so what do i do now

Ej at 05:51 on 22 August 2010

i want to unblock my facebook emage profile..pls help me. thanks

Ej at 05:56 on 22 August 2010

i want to unblock my facebook image profile..pls help me. thanks

Ej at 06:00 on 22 August 2010

i want to unblock my facebook image profile ..pls help me. thanks

Ej at 06:03 on 22 August 2010

i want to unblock my facebook image profile ..pls help me. thanks

jerry bernotas at 05:53 on 28 August 2010

Somehow I mistakenly blocked all facebook images for profile? Is there an easy fix for this in settings??Thank You

jason at 17:26 on 10 September 2010

please help me unlock my facebook because someone block it and help me find who did that thing

Emmanuel Aziz at 02:54 on 27 September 2010

I am looking for lady frinedship

aukeesha lockett at 11:32 on 27 September 2010

at our school its blocked by sonic wall and i need help to unlock it

Simple Dude at 23:53 on 6 October 2010

dude i blocked some photos on facebook i really need your help its doing my head in

debbie at 14:23 on 11 October 2010

Ho do I unblock my facebook image profile. pls help.

Jared Barker at 07:07 on 10 November 2010

Somebody plz help me unblock my fb everything ive tried wont work so plz somebody give me some suggestions???

davidbrook at 02:42 on 15 November 2010

l see many ,l having problem with their fb,l can render somehelp,l have some stuff to…unblock an fb…and to block..any lf you have interest you can contact me at ,,,,,…l wise you good luck……

namu at 04:55 on 15 November 2010

i want to unblock my facebook image profile ..pls help me. than

kerenguagituloh at 10:25 on 30 November 2010

i have problem,i have lost one friend on my facebook coz her favebook is to blocked,,so how i can unblock anfacebook…please help me…contact me at thank you

bhushan thakur at 09:36 on 5 December 2010

my facebook account was blocked and so far i think i was doing nothing wrong
so please restore my acount

deedee at 18:39 on 12 December 2010

can u plzz unblock facebook from my computer.

joel solomon at 11:41 on 20 December 2010

with my respect, i have been so misereble without my facebook password and if there is anyone i beg of yuh i miss me games friends and family chatting

nkpeh felix at 07:15 on 28 December 2010

it seem my facebook account is being block, because i was reply when i want to open it that my account is temporaly not available. Pls help me to reopen my account sir.

Gelisa Murdock at 15:51 on 29 December 2010

ok…..bout a week ago i accidently locked myself out my account and for the last couple of days i been trying to geet back in but nothin ever works so anyone that as experience with unlokin a page please help me i have alot of important things to look at….?

Akinropo at 14:47 on 8 January 2011
Bethany at 21:20 on 8 January 2011

somebody blocked my facebook 2days after i signed up and i want back on :(

huijeee at 00:38 on 26 January 2011

i locked my profile picture album by mistake how do i unlock it?? gosh i am regretting soooo muchh HELPPP

2 at 19:09 on 30 January 2011

i want to hack into my bfs facebook i donsent work you gotta help!

13 at 19:13 on 30 January 2011


sherminda at 22:11 on 3 February 2011

hard to get back facebook blocked.

mae rose at 20:06 on 7 February 2011

please help me i cant poen my block fb plsssss

hassan sohail hashmi at 13:32 on 20 February 2011

i want to unblock my facebook account please help me ! my password is lose

niraj bartaula at 00:32 on 26 February 2011

plz help me to unblock facebook

niraj at 00:38 on 26 February 2011

plz help me to unblock facebook help me

oumar at 10:31 on 2 March 2011

my profile is block

Wacky Angel at 15:07 on 2 March 2011

Someone hacked in my profile so I answered to security question correctly and temporarly asked for security of my account. I appriciate if you could acces my log in. Please.I answerd security question correctly, waited 24 hours, now it says

You may now proceed through the account recovery process.

I appriciate if you could acces my log in. Please.

jack at 11:43 on 3 March 2011

my id is blocked for 1 month so send me some trick to unblock this problem pls help me someone pls pls

johannes at 01:07 on 7 March 2011

my account wont open when i sign in it tells me that it is unavailable i tryd all password combinations nothing is happening im even thinking of quitin cause these thing happens for the second time if i can be given a solution fast and very fast i wont quit cause i love my fb friends help!

Holly Pilgram at 13:21 on 9 March 2011

I need help getting back into my face book I have locked my self out

hakin lu at 06:34 on 14 March 2011

how do i hack my friends facebook account???they are quiet annoying

DONNA at 19:19 on 14 March 2011

the email n password on my acct.has been acct,their can i change this?

valentine wambui at 06:49 on 16 March 2011

someone blocked my face book afew days after use please help

tori at 08:08 on 23 March 2011

my school blocked facebook even with the https this sucks :(

chetan at 01:31 on 24 March 2011

unblock my id

mina at 03:25 on 28 March 2011


RUPINDER KAURDHADWAL at 19:28 on 28 March 2011


rashidkhan patel at 13:40 on 4 April 2011

unblock my facebook account

nasi at 23:26 on 4 April 2011

my office unblock facebook the site

Ayetoso Titilola at 09:14 on 8 April 2011

pls how can i unblock my facebook account? ejowo e help me ooo

afzal at 09:16 on 11 April 2011

my facebook account has been blocked for sending many request to strangers
i swear
plz help me……….
i cant live wiyhout facebook

chetankaur at 23:15 on 15 April 2011

my id is blocked can u help me out plzzz

Zobeir Been Mahfuz at 06:40 on 18 April 2011

please how can I unblock my facebook picture

palitha aththiligda at 03:34 on 28 April 2011

i want now unblock my facebook acount

mody at 16:08 on 3 May 2011

please unblock my face book account is blocked for 30 days and i cant add friends just i dont know why is blocked my account i really not make mistake i need to unlock my account please because some time i need to add some friends .. i hope so to unlock my account soon please please please . thank you very much .

Terri Brooks at 15:52 on 7 May 2011

Somehow I blocked the photos of my friends profile list so in the column of friends I just get their names no photo of them how do I unblock

Sugashlni ravikumar at 07:28 on 18 May 2011

Pls open block user

deepak at 07:35 on 24 May 2011

pls tell me on my email id how i unblock the facebook id and it’s procedure thanks

nilesh at 23:23 on 29 May 2011

i have been blocked from sending msg’s and even sending friend request how do i unblock plz suggest

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