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How To See Facebook User’s Contact Info

Being able to see a facebook users contact information is a very valuable tool. There are many reasons you would need to see another persons contact info. For instance you may have your phone on you but don’t have someone’s number in your phone; if you have web service on your phone you can simply look up there name and find their number. Or alternatively you may not have your phone on you and again you can look up there number. Even if you’ve never had it of course once you’re their facebook friend you can get in contact with them. It also hosts numerous other contact goodies such as email etc. So if you can’t reach someone via phone you can always email them.

So lets take a look at how to see a users facebook contact info by viewing their facebook profile.


There are various different times in which you may want to view the information to get in touch with a person. For instance you may be their friend. Or of course you could not be their friend and they have an open profile. Both of which are quite easy to resolve. It gets a little tricky when you’re not friends with the user and their facebook profiles is either protected, limited or blocked. But it’s still do-able. So lets get into the steps.

First lets assume that you are friends with the user. This is easy. Go to his or her profile either by finding them on your wall / friends list and clicking on your friends name. Or by searching for them in the facebook search bar. Once you have found this person their profile will have four tabs “Wall”, “Info”, “Photos”, and “Boxes” as well as potentially other tabs depending on what facebook applications they have. It will be defaultly set to Wall. Click on the “Info” tab and scroll down to Contact Information and then you will be able to see the facebook user’s contact info.

Now lets assume that you’re not facebook friends with the user but their facebook profile is not private. This is counter-intuitively easier to do actually. I know, it’s a little surprising. But when you go to that persons profile the tab wont be on the facebook wall default, it will actually be aready on info and you can just scroll down to see the user’s contact info on facebook.

Here’s where all that easy stuff goes out the window. What if the user has a private facebook profile? How do we go about solving this? Well, here’s what you do. Follow the steps to see a facebook users limited private profile. From there you simply go to the info tab again and the information for contacting that facebook user will be there.

Great. Now you guys know how to find a facebook users phone number, email address and in many cases physical address and much much more. From here you can learn how to hack a facebook account.

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Suzanne at 17:39 on 13 September 2009

HELP! ppl complaining they can’t write on my WALL – no idea why that would be happening. suggestions as to how i might fix?

Brneda at 02:48 on 23 October 2009

recenly a known person has took my niece picture and post it on facebook pretending to be her .my niece don’t even have a account. What can she do about this person .How do you remove this misleading account? Isn’t against the law to do this ? this person has bashed her family and her children.

Mahvish at 23:41 on 10 November 2009

What if the email is hidden how can we view that.i want to track my friends email address from which she is using facebook

walid ahmadzai at 21:51 on 28 November 2009

yeah suzanne i readed ur ok !@
and while ur working in facebook go to Profile
and when profile came and in ur wall post and just u can write ok bring ur mouse at the right cornner of the box oK @ and after that ther well be option and there is writen that ( write messages )

1- everyone
2- you
3- freinds
4- no one
5- my freind freinds
and choose every one it well be done hope to reply me back in No time thanks\walidahmadzaii
bye ! add me

Lucija at 10:02 on 5 December 2009

..please…help meee….i cant enter to facebook…someone cange my password…and email i use for makeing facebook account is free wich is mean it works only 100 days…pleasee…HELP…

lauren robson at 17:21 on 8 December 2009

Hi lauren i want to keep in touch with you

Paul Pry at 15:54 on 7 January 2010

If someone needs to get a Facebook password let me know. ONLY FOR SUSPECTED CHEATING OR FRIEND-SPYING.

Paul Pry at 15:55 on 7 January 2010
Amy at 07:19 on 25 March 2010

What info do you need to hack fb password?

Brook at 12:59 on 14 April 2010

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to view a private profile without them knowing. I can’t message or poke them but I wat to see their friends.. Any advice.. please help me

janet Elsworth at 23:38 on 14 May 2010

I would like to join facebook so i can talk to my family as they live in qld and it would be great to be able to talk to them as they are so far away

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Randall Tuttle at 12:52 on 9 November 2010
Heather at 22:41 on 5 January 2011

All I Have is My Boyfriends Email How Do I Get The Password?

nicos at 07:56 on 12 February 2011

Please help, I need to know someone email address form facebook,
what should I do?

kieraljon at 01:29 on 6 March 2011


zaka at 07:39 on 6 April 2011

how to hack facebook profile plzzzzzzz tel me some thing

zaka at 07:41 on 6 April 2011

this is my email

john g at 08:33 on 6 April 2011

i am lock out of facebook can’t get in . tried password code no dice someone helpme please