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Steal Someone’s Facebook Username and Password

One hack that many facebook users want to know how to do is to get a persons username and password. WIth this one would be able to log into their account and thus be able to View a Private Facebook Profile whether the person has blocked you, de-friended you or any other version of this. You can do this because you are not viewing their profile through yours, but you are looking at it through there personal profile.

This facebook hack also has the advantages of allowing you to change their information or any other amount of pranks that you would like to do.

First use the hack to get access to their limited profile (click the link to find out how to do this). Once you have access to the limited profile, you will be able to see their email address in their info section.

Now that you have the facebook email address that they use to log into the site with, you just need to hack their facebook. There are a number of ways to hack facebook passwords.

There are 6 methods to hack a facebook password:

1. Keylogging
2. Facebook phishing
3. Facebook new features
4. Virus
5. Social engineering
6. Primary email address hack

This is a great technique to use. Basically you install a key logger on their computer. This will save all of their strokes and you can easily figure out what their password is. All you do is review the keys that they pressed and you will easily be able to figure out what their facebook information is.

Here are some good key loggers,
- Spytech SpyAgent Stealth Edition 6.51
- All In One Keylogger 3.2
- Spector Pro 2010 build 5392
- Personal Monitor 5.0
- Blaster 2010 build 3132

Facebook phishing:
This is one of the most popular ways. Most facebook hackers use this technique. Basically you upload a fake version of facebook onto a server and you send a person to that site. Once they try to log on, it will email the username and password to you.

Send them to

Once they enter their username and password it will take them to

That will be saved in there history. If you have access to their computer you can simply look it up and have their username and password. This is an awesome trick if you have access to their computer. Just put that site up. When they sit down at their computer they will have no clue it is not the real facebook site and they will enter in there information. From there you will have it.

Social engineering:
It may be very difficult to get the users password, from this. But since you already know his email address what cool thing to do is to try to figure out his security question. You can subtly ask your victim questions to try to determine the answer to the security question, especially if it’s something as simple as mothers maiden name. Once you have the answer to the security question you can thing begin trying to get the password by means of that.

Primary email address hack:
So you’ve tried everything else and can’t quite hack there facebook account. This method is awesome if you can do it. All you have to do is gain access to their email. Then you will easily be able to hack the facebook password. Just go to facebook and enter in ‘forgot password.’ It will email to the primary facebook email instructions on how to reset the password. Now you will have full access to the account.

I will elaborate on these methods in the future.

Once you have the facebook email address and password you can easily log into someone’s account. Hope I made you aware of some of the ways to hack facebook. If you have any others please feel free to share. That’s how you how to hack a facebook account.

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