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Welcome, How to View Private Facebook Profiles was created to teach you all the facebook tips, tricks you could need from view private facebook pages and profiles to learning how to see private facebook albums. We will also explain the many security holes in facbook’s privacy, facebook hacks and private profile settings and also give how to’s for facebook private profile security advice.

Please note this is for educational purposes only. This should be used only to secure your Facebook and more nothing malitions. Please read TOS before taking any actions. Other wise, only use this website for entertainment and educational purposes.

You will learn how to make facebook pages safer and tricks such as view others private profiles. No matter what facebook does there always seems to be a way to view users profile pictures, albums and at times their entire private facebook profile pages. Make sure you bookmark this page, as many new bugs will be released, and we will find out how to view all of these exploits. Post these links to all who think facebook profiles are truly secure or private, or to those who are wary of its security.

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How To Hack Someone’s Facebook Profile For Free

Facebook is one of those online companies that likes to play itself up as an invulnerable fortress of user privacy, but if you have even the slightest bit of history of using the web, you know this is hogwash, pure and simple. The fact is, just about anyone can learn how to hack someone’s Facebook or view private facebook profiles and do it within a few hours. There is no shortage of Facebook hacks strewn far and wide across the web, but if you are new to this game then you need to understand a very core concept to solid hacking: the easier it looks, the more risk there is going to be. You wouldn’t try to do anything else shady in a sloppy way and expect to get good results, would you? Well, learning how to hack someone’s Facebook is just like that. You are going to have to be careful if you hack Facebook password because there is a certain level of likelihood that the event will be logged by the company’s servers. If so, it may not be something they pursue you over right now, but if they ever decide to act like the music industry did towards people who downloaded MP3s, there could be unpleasant side effects. Any Facebook password hack also needs to be carefully evaluated. Know where it comes from and who is giving you the instructions before you decide to go forward.


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teedog at 04:47 on 12 December 2010
how to hack someone passwords
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How To Get Someone’s Facebook Password When You Need It

A lot of people claim to be shocked when they find out that someone could possibly view details on their Facebook profile that they had believed were permanently and totally hidden. If you have been using the web for any length of time then you realize it’s quite easy to learn how to get someone’s Facebook password and see whatever you want. This is perhaps the greatest myth perpetuated by Facebook: that data you give them is somehow safe from prying eyes with a modicum of knowledge – it is not. You can actually hack Facebook easily enough once you know the primary methods people use. Some are more complex and other means for viewing private Facebook profiles are very simple. However, before you do any of this you really need to make sure that you are prepared for the fact that you may end up being recorded as you perform the hack. If you are going to take the time to read up on how to get someone’s Facebook password, you need to take the time to understand counter measures that big companies take, too. While their recording of your entry to the site may seem inconsequential at the time, it could resurface years later if the person whose account you got into ever decides to go after you in a law suit.

Most of the time, you are not going to face any sort of challenge like that, but it is always best to know the potential consequences of any type of hacking endeavor. The smart hacker knows that despite knowing how to get someone’s Facebook password, they can only run from hired guns for so long when those folks have a lot more manpower and technology to track down those that ‘wronged’ a company as massive as Facebook. Just to see private Facebook pictures it may be worth it to you, and if so then you want to focus on the methods. Keyloggers are a prime choice if you have access to a computer the person uses to log into the site. You can install these easily enough and they will log the keystrokes of the person so you can see the password they type. That means you can then take that password and perform a natural login. However, be aware that these programs are not your only method. Plenty of people pretend to be someone else, talk to a person and manage to weasel their password, or at least enough hints to guess it, out of them.

No matter which method you choose, success lies in persistence. Anyone can be taught how to get someone’s Facebook password and succeed. The real challenge is deciding what to do next.

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You Can Learn How To See Hidden Profiles On Facebook

Facebook is the web’s most used social network and it makes sense that a huge number of people want to know how to get into the site to view private facebook profiles. We all have that urge to learn how to see hidden profiles on Facebook so if you are experiencing this then you are certainly not alone. In terms of learning how to hack a Facebook password, you are going to need to understand that there are very few tools out there which can simply pick the lock for you, so to speak. Instead, most people find success at trying to view private Facebook accounts when they use software engineered by teams or use social engineering to get what they want. You can find out how to see hidden profiles on Facebook with social engineering and that is going to make the process a great deal easier for you. This simply involves trying to get the password from your intended target by talking to them. You usually want to do this from a facebook account other than yourself. It takes a bit of guile and a lot of nerve, but if you can get the person comfortable you may be able to joke around about passwords and have them spill the beans. Of course, this is a time consuming approach on how to view facebook profiles.


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KELLY at 18:38 on 23 January 2011
i would like to know whether a certain profile exists or whether in is locked down(private)
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Please, I need your help

Crack Facebook Password

Facebook, along with a wide host and range in social and emailing web services, isn’t as secure as they’d have you believe. In July 2010, at the Black Hat computer security conference, a security expert demonstrated how a number of accounts could be compromised based solely on the patterns that had emerged by combing through hundreds of millions of users’ publicly accessible content.

Facebook is most vulnerable by its inherent nature; its social aspects. You won’t find that you can crack facebook password by some brute force attack at the front door. Instead, how to get someones facebook password, is a matter that’s more organic and simpler than you might even realize to Crack a Facebook Password and View Private Facebook Profiles.


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angel ani at 19:34 on 3 August 2010
i want his password
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how 2 change my password in everytime whenever i wnt to open my facebook

How to View Private Facebook Profiles with Social Engineering

Here at How to View Private Facebook Profiles, we have provided you with many different tips, tricks and hacks to view private facebook profiles. However, facebook tends to stay on the bleeding edge of security and fixes most bugs very quickly. Now, while many of our hacks still work to this day, other facebook viewing tricks have been patched. Even though many new bugs and tricks to view profiles on facebook will arise (and of course we will post every new facebook hack we can), we would like to share with you some tricks that will never get blocked. This of course is Social Engineering. And it is a great way to view private facebook profiles.

What is social engineering? It is a term that refers to getting someone to comply to your desires, without them necessarily knowing what they are, or your motives behind them.

Now why would you want to view someone’s facebook profile? This site (How To View Private Facebook Profiles) has been around for well over a year and from my experience, the number one reason people want to see the profiles is because they feel as though a spouse or a significant other is cheating on them and they want proof. Also, parents may want to check in on their children, or the people that their children are hanging out with. Other people just want to creep on a person of the opposite sex that they like and they’re fine with that.

So here are two methods of social engineering to get into someone’s private facebook profile.

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Nlia at 09:55 on 4 July 2010
this friend apparently changed her privacy status inadvertently and lost some contacts
Nadiah at 05:00 on 12 July 2010
hey there, ive tried some of your 'how to' but none of them succeded. in my case, im dying to ...

Steal Someone’s Facebook Username and Password

One hack that many facebook users want to know how to do is to get a persons username and password. WIth this one would be able to log into their account and thus be able to View a Private Facebook Profile whether the person has blocked you, de-friended you or any other version of this. You can do this because you are not viewing their profile through yours, but you are looking at it through there personal profile.

This facebook hack also has the advantages of allowing you to change their information or any other amount of pranks that you would like to do.

First use the hack to get access to their limited profile (click the link to find out how to do this). Once you have access to the limited profile, you will be able to see their email address in their info section.

Now that you have the facebook email address that they use to log into the site with, you just need to hack their facebook. There are a number of ways to hack facebook passwords.

There are 6 methods to hack a facebook password:

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sora at 18:22 on 15 April 2010
is the facebook hacking thing link fake?
Mike at 19:01 on 12 May 2010
I'm welling to pay for helping me in getting 3 FB me if you are willing.

Does Photo Stalker Work?

There have been a lot of concerns on this site as to whether or not the Facebook Application, Photo Stalker, works. Some believe that photo stalker is a scam. Some claim it works very well, allowing you to view private facebook profiles / pictures, and others are simply skeptical.

I’m here to debunk some myths and explain to you the facets of facebook photo stalker.

First, what is it not? This is not how to hack a facebook account.

So, what is it? This app lets you view private pictures of people that you are not facebook friends with. You can only view the photos of people that have their albums set to public where everybody can view them.

On Facebook when you create an album, it is set by default to be a public album. This means that everyone on facebook can see your album if they have the album id. This is great, because if you tag somebody in a picture, that persons friends can actually view the photo. What this application does is simply exploits that default setting and allows you to view anybody’s album pictures.

Also note that this application does not violate facebooks terms and services, so you can use this app without fear of getting in trouble with facebook.

I personally find this app to be very useful. What do you guys think?

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sheanne de guzman at 09:17 on 14 June 2010
her boy keeps on deleting me oh her account
intihab at 00:28 on 24 July 2010
how to hack

How To View Private Facebook Pictures

One of the biggest questions that we receive here at How To View Private Facebook Profiles .com is from facebook users that would like to see private users’s profile pictures and album Facebook pictures. We have covered this topic before with facebook hacks and tips, but there are many different scenarios with many different file permissions that you might wonder about. I will highlight the newest facebook hacks of 2011 that will help you view private facebook pictures.

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using the bookmarked link did not work for me
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how to see others protected face book photos and informations

Farmville Hacks, Tips and Cheats – Guide

Are you tired of seeing your friends destroy you in Farmville? Or are you just like every other innocent facebook user who is bombarded with the constant Farmville spam and would love to shove it in the face of the losers who religiously play that stupid facebook application game that is Farmville? Either way I’m sure you would like a Farmville hack that would make you reach any level you want in no time at all. Literally. Farm, plant, plow instantly. Get an insane amount of money and seeds and animals. Show your friends who’s boss. Best of all win the game without trading your life, or even much time at all.

How do we do this hack? It is extremely easy with this awesome Farmville Hack. No need for tutorials, advice or random tips. Just cheat your way to victory. You don’t need hundreds of cheats. Just this one simple game solution that will save you hours. And your pride and dignity.

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DJ at 06:46 on 26 November 2009
pretty sneaky sis. i'm going to implement this strategy and see how it works
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How To See Facebook User’s Contact Info

Being able to see a facebook users contact information is a very valuable tool. There are many reasons you would need to see another persons contact info. For instance you may have your phone on you but don’t have someone’s number in your phone; if you have web service on your phone you can simply look up there name and find their number. Or alternatively you may not have your phone on you and again you can look up there number. Even if you’ve never had it of course once you’re their facebook friend you can get in contact with them. It also hosts numerous other contact goodies such as email etc. So if you can’t reach someone via phone you can always email them.

So lets take a look at how to see a users facebook contact info by viewing their facebook profile.

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Suzanne at 17:39 on 13 September 2009
HELP! ppl complaining they can't write on my WALL - no idea why that would be happening. suggestions as to ...
Brneda at 02:48 on 23 October 2009
recenly a known person has took my niece picture and post it on facebook pretending to be her .my niece ...

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